Assignment 2

This assignment was to implement a raytracer. It supports basic object input and renders objects with reflections, shadows and transparency.

11/16/2016: Updated description of project.

Group Members:

Arbitrarily oriented ellipsoid

0.674029 seconds

./as2 input-01 -w 500 -h 500 -o input-01

Input File

Reading in .obj file, translation, reflection, point light, and directional light.

Requires tet.obj to be in the same file.

0.674069 seconds

./as2 input-02 -w 1000 -h 1000 -o input-02.ppm

Input File OBJ File

Simple Phong shading in color.

0.067092 seconds

./as2 input-03 -w 500 -h 500 -o image-03.ppm

Input File

Compute shadows

0.09212 seconds

./as2 input-04 -w 500 -h 500 -o image-04.ppm

Input File

Compute reflections

0.393129 seconds

./as2 input-05 -w 500 -h 500 -o image-05.ppm

Input File

Applying linear transformations to objects

0.049765 seconds

./as2 input-06 -w 500 -h 500 -o image-06.ppm

Input File

Point lights

0.078587 seconds

./as2 input-07 -w 500 -h 500 -o image-07.ppm

Input File

Directional Lights

0.077172 seconds

./as2 input-08 -w 500 -h 500 -o image-08.ppm

Input File

Transparency with refraction

0.230226 seconds

./as2 input-09 -w 500 -h 500 -o input-09.ppm

Input File

Anti-aliasing with 16 jittered rays through each pixel

0.942182 second

./as2 input-10 -w 500 -h 500 -o input-10.ppm -aa 16

Input File