I don't actually drink coffee, but the smell is nice.

About Me

Who I Am

I'm a software engineer currently working at Blizzard Entertainment. I grew up in Portland, OR, and graduated from UC Berkeley in 2017, majoring in computer science. I enjoy working on challenging projects, whether alone or collaborating with a team. In my free time I enjoy watching web series and playing games with friends.

My Education

While I was a student at UC Berkeley, I had the opportunity to take a variety of computer science courses. I learned about core topics ranging from high-level (Object-Oriented Programming, Data Structures) to low-level (Assembly language, processor design). I also delved into more specific topics as operating systems, networks, databases, algorithms, AI, design and graphics.

My Experience

Full-Stack Software Engineer Intern (Web & Mobile)

Blizzard Entertainment

Interning at Blizzard was literally a dream come true for me. I met so many awesome people and learned a lot about what it's like working the game industry. I worked on a project with another intern throughout the entire summer, and learned many new frameworks in order to solve the problems that I encountered. The internship was one of the best experiences of my life and I highly recommend it to others.

Business Intelligence Software Engineer Intern

Integra Telecom

When I started at Integra I had no prior knowledge of relational databases, so I spent the first day devoting myself to learning concepts and how to code in SQL. By the end of the first day I was starting to work on simple tasks, and within a couple of weeks I was up to speed with the team and starting to work on relevant projects. The experience I gained there was immensely helpful for me in terms of knowing how to work alone and with a team in a professional environment.

ASE Intern

Saltire Software

This was my first experience with software engineering. Although I wasn't directly coding, I used their proprietary software to create an eBook version of Euclid's Elements with interactive colored diagrams that helped users understand the proofs in the book.

My Hobbies

I enjoy a variety of hobbies outside of school and work. When I have time I like to socialize with friends over some video or board games (Diablo and League tend to be the most common). If I'm eating at my desk or just spending some time by myself, I like to watch videos from Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter. Whenever I'm back in Portland I like to go on hikes with friends to see the sights.

I also like to build with my hands. Sometimes I'll look up a recipe and try to create a fancy dish for dinner, and hope that I succeed. Othertimes an idea for a small trinket will strike me and I'll find the materials and give it a shot. Usually I'll end up mixing in ideas from the games and shows I like, such as a AI bottle necklace for Red vs. Blue), or a carved wooden plaque depicting a scene from the game Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery.

I've been trying to take some time to maintain and update this website as well as the website for my sister's non-profit organization, Kids First Project. If you have time, please go check it out, it's a wonderful cause!

Connect With Me

Want to know more? Feel free to contact me directly and start a conversation!